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XiteBio Technologies Inc.

Plant Microbial Interactions – Infinite Possibilities!

At XiteBio Technologies, we build relationships first; business comes next. Analogous to our research theme ‘soil-plant-microbe interactions’ we would like to interact with you, at every opportunity that comes before us, to cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship.

We are passionate about research, but more than that we are passionate about providing the next generation of ‘go-green’ inoculants and biologicals to our customers and making a difference in the field of agriculture. But that alone is not enough – ecological sustainability is also of paramount importance to us. These are the priorities at XiteBio Technologies, where our IRD (Innovation, Research & Development) team is working hard towards creating innovative and cost-effective products that add greater profitability to farmers’ bottom lines.

XiteBio SoyRhizo Inoculant For Soybean
XiteBio PulseRhizo Inoculant For Pea,Lentil & Faba Bean
XiteBio Yield+ Phosphate Solubilizing Inoculant
XiteBio OptiPlus Dual Inoculant For Soybean

Phone: (204) 257-0775

3194 St. Mary's Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada, R2N 4A8