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Farmers Growing for Farmers

SeedNet strives to provide the highest quality seed available for Canadian farmers. With an ever-growing lineup of seed varieties from cereals to pulses and special crops to hybrid fall rye. SeedNet has the seed professionals to help your operation succeed as SeedNet is farmers growing for farmers.

SeedNet Exclusive Varieties


  • Barley Varieties 
  • Durum Varieties
  • Hybrid Fall Rye Varieties​
  • Wheat Varieties
  • Triticale Varieties


  • Chickpea Varieties
  • Fababean Varieties
  • Red Lentil Varieties
  • Green Pea Varieties
  • Yellow Pea Varieties
  • Forage Pea Varieties



  • Flax Varieties
  • Spelt Varieties



Box 1062 Lethbridge,
AB, T1J 4A2