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M. Devloo Mfg. Ltd.

Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers is a farm-based, family-owned and operated company dedicated to designing and manufacturing a self-propelled rotating mud scraper that prevents the build-up of mud on packer wheels and contributes to maintaining a consistent seed depth.

Our Product

  • Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers are laser cut from 1023 carbon steel, the brackets are fabricated with high tensile #80 steel
  • The scrapers are powder coated for a nice durable finish
  • We use a double roller 5203 bearing in all of our scrapers
  • All hardware is zinc plated and everything needed is supplied
  • Installation is easy and straight forward
  • The scrapers are set 1/8″ to 1/2″ away from the tire depending on the tire size. The scrapers are offset, therefore they spin only if there is mud build up on the tires

Roto Mud Scrapers Benefits


  • Clean packer wheels help to maintain a consistent seed depth
  • The larger the packer wheel gets with mud build-up, the shallower the seed/fertilizer is placed in the soil
  • Shallow fertilizer placement results in the fertilizer gassing off into the atmosphere
  • Seed placement is important for better emergence and a uniform crop
  • Reduces the amount of seed that sticks to the muddy packer wheels
  • No more need to reduce air pressure in packer wheels to shed mud, therefore no more damaged tires
  • Rotating Mud Scrapers prevent build up of mud

Get a Better Start and Seed More Acres in a Day

  • Seed earlier in the morning, later in the day, and sooner after a rain
  • Seed closer to all your wet areas
  • Seed earlier in the spring and beat the July heat on the flowering canola
  • An earlier crop will likely mature before the fall frost
  • Stationary Scrapers can plug up and create enough friction to stop the packer wheels from turning

Better Fuel Economy

  • It takes less power to pull clean packer wheels
  • When the packer wheels stop turning, they can make ruts, drag piles and the tractor will consume more fuel
  • Helps your seeding investment do a precision job as intended

Less Friction/Less Wear

  • Our rotating scrapers do a better job of cleaning with less friction, less drag, and therefore less wear than stationary scrapers
  • Rotating scrapers have approximately five times the contact surface of a stationary scraper
  • When there is mud, the scraper spins continuously and constantly moves the cutting surface to a new contact point reducing heat build-up and wear


M. Devloo Mfg. Ltd.
Box 272
Somerset, MB  Canada
R0G 2L0