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Devloo Canola Crusher

Revolutionary Canola Crusher with Green Seed Counter

The machine measures 6"x 10"x 14" and weighs around 12 lb. Made of aluminum/ stainless steel, the device has four parts

  • Frame
  • Pick-up wheel
  • Crush wheel
  • Seed hopper

Benefits of Canola Crusher

  • Crushes canola seeds easily
  • Helps you check the green count
  • Portable
  • Easy to operate
  • Saves time
  • Durable
  • Accurate

How It Works

  • Seed is transferred from the hopper to the rotating pickup wheel with the seed pockets.​
  • The tape is gently pressed against the pickup wheel to make a good contact with the seed.​
  • The tape carrying the seed passes through the crushing rollers.
  • After four rotations of the crank, 250 seeds are crushed onto the tape.​ We also have a larger size that will crush 500.
  • Use the tape cutter to remove the crushed canola sample.​
  • Check the number of green seeds in the sample.​
  • The remaining seed can then be dropped out of the spring loaded hopper.

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Somerset, MB
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